Labyrinth Pathways through Healing



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Dr. Jane Harris's Pathways practice is a place of healing which integrates the following and more;

  • Traditional Western Medicine (Family Practice Board Certified General Internist)

  • Osteopathic and Cranial Manipulation

  • Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine

  • Traditional Herbs, Vitamins and Supplements

  • And You! (The Most Important Ingredient!)

Sometimes moving through a healing process is like going through a maze. It's difficult to understand all the health care options available and which ones are appropriate for your personal care.

Dr. Harris's idea of the Practice is to help you make choices that allow the healing journey to take you through a learning experience toward a healing place. This always happens when we walk the labyrinth, which differs from a maze where one can get lost.   In experiencing a labyrinth, one comes out the other side as a changed and wiser person.

Dr. Harris's background combines both Traditional Western and Alternative Medicine and uniquely qualifies her to help you find your way through the health care maze. Learn about the variety of services she offers.

Contact Dr. Harris today. Together you can explore and choose the best options for your health care and find your healing path!


M & W 9:00 AM - 6:00 PM

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